No Bottling It Next Season! (066)

Mikel Arteta recently held a press conference, and boy, did he have a lot to say! The Arsenal boss covered a range of topics, giving us plenty to chew on.

First off, let’s talk about Aaron Ramsdale’s new contract. Arteta couldn’t contain his delight and rightfully so. Ramsdale has been exceptional this season and fully deserves that extension. It’s a sign that Arsenal is committed to keeping their talented players and building for the future. But hey, Saka and Odegaard, are you listening? It’s time to follow suit and commit your futures to this club!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows in the injury department. Zinchenko and Martinelli won’t be available for the rest of the season. Martinelli’s injury sounds particularly nasty, and it remains uncertain how long he’ll be out. It’s a blow for Arsenal, as both players have been key contributors. Let’s hope they recover swiftly and come back stronger next season.

Now, let’s address that painful defeat against Brighton. Arteta didn’t hold back, describing it as a bitter pill to swallow. And rightly so! The team had plenty of opportunities to seal the game earlier, but they couldn’t capitalize. It’s frustrating, but Arteta is determined to use that disappointment as fuel to push the team further. Pain is part of football, and he wants the players to harness that pain to become better and find the answers they need to win more games.

Arteta also had some interesting things to say about Nottingham Forest and their manager, Steve Cooper. He commended Forest for sticking with Cooper during a difficult time. It takes guts to maintain belief and unity when things aren’t going well. Kudos to Forest for recognizing the value of stability and giving Cooper the support he needed.

As for Arteta’s nomination for the Premier League Manager of the Season award, he seemed genuinely pleased. And why not? It’s an honor to be mentioned among the top managers in the league. It’s a testament to the progress Arsenal has made under his guidance.

But let’s not forget the bigger picture here. Arteta urged everyone to have perspective. Yes, there have been moments when Arsenal wasn’t at their best and fell short of championship-level performances. But overall, the team and the players deserve credit for how far they’ve come this season. There are still two crucial games left, and Arteta wants everyone to keep their eyes on the prize.

Looking ahead, Arteta’s comments about Arsenal’s title aspirations for next season were intriguing. He believes they have what it takes to challenge the best, even against a team like Manchester City. That’s the spirit we want to see! No bottling it next season, that’s for sure. But Arteta wisely cautioned that predicting the future is a difficult task. It all depends on how they evolve and start the season.

Arteta also emphasized the importance of good recruitment over the summer. When you’re competing at the top, the margins are razor-thin. A penalty going in or out can change the entire season. So, Arsenal must nail it in the transfer market, making smart decisions and strengthening the squad where necessary. It’s not just about signing players, though. Arteta wants to improve the existing players too, unlocking their full potential and giving the team that extra edge.

Written by: Farhan Ahmed (@GunnerSince96)

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